World of Tanks is one of the most popular MMO video games you can play today. The game has started a couple of years back, but it’s gaining more and more players ever since. What was a mediocre game with the right idea, turned into one of the most recognized games right now. So, if you are looking to start your career as a tank commander, here are the categories you can choose from.

Light Tanks

Light tanks are fast and lightweight, which impacts their armor rating. They are often used as scouts because they can quickly move through the map, which makes them a hard target to hit. Make sure to always move so the large heavy tanks and tank destroyers can’t get to you. Moving in circles is the best tactic by far.


The T-54 is one of the most recognized tanks in history. It’s a fast Soviet machine that’s able to quickly change positions and circle around the artillery fire. Make fast swoops over the front lines and try not to turn your back towards the enemy.

Medium Tanks

Medium tanks are ideal for firing support and base defense. They can’t be the main assault force, but if you use them correctly, you can make a huge difference in the battle outcome. The tanks have good armor ratings, and they are still fast enough for some blitzkrieg type of action. They are effective against artillery and are especially deadly in wolf packs.

M48A1 Patton

The M48A1 Patton is an American machine used in the Korean war. It is a good all-around tank with plenty of armor, speed, and high damage rates. The 105mm gun can rip through enemy armor like a knife through butter, especially if you do a flanking procedure.

Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks are unlocked at the later stages of the game, but once you get your hands on them, you will become a real mobile fortress. These tanks are fitted with heavy durable armor that can be destroyed only with precision fire, and they also pack heavy turrets ideal for total domination.

KV-1, KV-S

This is a tank that was made to combat the German army in WW2. It’s strong, durable, and has multiple gun emplacements that are dangerous for the enemy tanks.


Tank Destroyers


The sole purpose of tank destroyers is to be super effective at, well, you guessed it, destroying tanks. They are huge machines with the largest turrets. Their frontal armor is super thick, but they are very vulnerable on the sides and rear. If a tank runs into you, he has no chance.


The Soviets know their tanks and the SU-85B is their best tank destroyer. It’s strong and packs a huge powerful gun. It’s also very easy to hide and if you’ll be the master of any map if you choose the right equipment.


The artillery guns are like snipers of the tank world. They are able to tear through the enemy lines from a great distance and even over trees and mountains. Make sure you pick the right spot before you start shooting, or the game could be over in a second.


Americans have the strongest artillery guns and the M44 is perhaps their most popular model. It’s able to shoot targets all across the map with ease. Word of advice: always keep your teammates in front of you because you have a poor armor rating.