Good free to play games are hard to come by, especially first person shooters. Team Fortress 2 is an FPS that’s online since 2007 and it’s still getting new maps and players to this day. Our favorite map in the game is cp_redstone_b1, and we’ll give you a full explanation to why is that.

The setting

This map looks beautiful and it has a western vibe to it. It looks like a mix of a western movie and a modern factory. There are many opened spaces, but the entire map is also riddled with tight hallways and small engine rooms. You can find a spot to play no matter what your style is.

The opened areas are lower in the middle, surrounded by higher buildings and walkways. That makes it perfect for snipers and DPS characters because it’s easy to ambush enemy players. Make sure to check all corners and sniping spots before you run into one of these yards because you can get your head shot clean off in a second.

The hallways and tight rooms are where the real action takes place. Teams often move through the map together to cover each other, and that can lead to a huge firefight if it happens in these hallways. The minigun or rocket launchers are the most effective weapons in this area. Invisibility can be your friend as well. The most important thing is to take your time and move slowly. Running into a room filled with enemies isn’t the smartest thing to do.

What weapons to use

Your playstyle largely depends on the map setting, especially here. You can either play close combat with a shotgun or a machine gun, or you can climb onto one of many hidden sniping spots and cover the rest of your team from there. You can combine your skills with other players to have full control of the game, but that’s going to take some real planning and the right loadout. If you plan on going solo, stick to an area you are familiar with and wait for enemies to run into your ambush.