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Most popular online games right now

Online gaming is attracting millions of players every year. Most games that come out feature a multiplayer mode, but which games are the most popular today? Our list is made out of the online games that have the most players in the world right now. So, if you want to play a game that always has active players, here are some titles to try out. League of Legends or LOL The League of Legends is the most popular online game today. It has close to 30 million active daily users, which is incredible, to say the least. The game...

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Survival Guide: Call of Duty: WWII Private

Call of Duty is making a huge comeback to the gaming world with a new WWII game that’s making a huge buzz online these days. Battlefield 1 had raised the bar sky-high last year, but the developers behind CoD came up with a number of features like new maps, weapons, attachments, and abilities, that will make this game a huge success. So, here’s our guide of what you can expect to see in the new amazing COD game. Mods and Maps The COD multiplayer brings five different mods, all of which are very popular in online games. They are...

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League of Legends

World of Tanks

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